Set of chickenhead knobs for your JCA. Available in black, white, or onyx. Please choose 6, 7, 8, or 9 pcs.

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Chickenhead Knobs

I bought a set of (14) of these, in ONYX color, to set off the look of my JCA Amelia 50w head- and to make it easier to see the knobs under dimly lit stage lighting at some venues. They're quick and easy to r&r the old ones and they look killer! Damned glad I got them, and love the fast shipping!


The onyx set looks great, perfect fit!!

Very nice!

Nice look and fit perfectly.


Perfect as usual, fits perfect in my Jet city 100 HDM! and again thanks to Mr. Douglas White for his fast and good job!


They's cool. Now my amp looks all boutique-like I reckon.

nice knobs

they look great! and the shipping was fast.

Awesome look!!

Got a set of white chicken head knobs for my JCA22h. They look awesome, and we're a great price. I highly recommend getting a set!

Finishing touch!

I did several mods to my JCA22H. Depth mod, Choke mod, re-tubed, bias amp....and a couple of tone improvement via caps...end the end I wanted it to look as good as it sounded! Now it does - New face baffle and knobs - She Rocks!