Custom 5 Full Nelson

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This Custom 5 has been factory-modded with the NEW Full Nelson Mod. This very simple mod changes just a few parts in the cathode bypass. It really opens the amp up, alleviating the 'boxiness' some C5 owners described. It cleans up nicely at lower volume, and ramps up to a full vintage crunch. 

Please let us know your preferences for white or black chassis, white or black knobs, and either EL34 or 6L6. We will configure it either way you want it. 


Custom 5 has 2 12AX7 Preamp tubes and 1 Power tube. It comes with a 6L6 installed, which can be user-replaced with an EL34, without adjusting the bias of the amp. Just plug and play.


Also featured is our Mojo Tone solid state effects loop - the same loop as featured in 20HV - which is optimized to work with effects pedals.


You can choose speaker outputs at 4, 8, and 16 ohms.


Normal operation is at 5 watts, with a 2 watt mode. 


Transformers are big, heavy iron, including a choke. 



  • Preamp Gain

  • BRIGHT pushbutton

  • Bass Boost / Mid Boost Tone switch. 


  • MASTER volume

  • POWER: 5 or 2 watts via Pentode/triode mode

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    Custom 5 Full Nelson EL34

    Posted by Kevin Gross on 11th Feb 2018

    This little beast RAWKS and cleans up nicely by backing off the volume. With the gain dimed, mid boost on and a BBE Green Screamer engaged I get high gain hot rodded Marshall tones that is certain to put a smile on your face. 2 watt mode keeps it at a manageable volume level with the 5 watts kicking out some seriously loud jams! Buy this version and you will be pleased.

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    Perfect For Small Rooms & Recording

    Posted by Randolph on 27th Oct 2017

    I bought this with more hope than expectation. I have a small room for a home studio, and my other 5 watt tube amps are just too loud to comfortably use - especially with my 2x12 cab. This one is no different on the 5 watt setting. Most triode switches ruin the tone of the amps I've tried them on. This one is great though! Dynamics, bends, slides and other nuances are clear and natural.

    The stock tubes were workable, but a little brittle sounding. Not bad - just not quite there for me. I had a NOS Svetlana EL34 that created the tone I was looking for. I also changed the preamp tubes to Mullards. They're hotter, but sound great. The preamp gain brings it from a subtle overdrive to full on distortion with the master turned up. The effect is less with a lower master volume, but it doesn't become mushy. No mud, just great tone. It covers the range of what I want to hear, and it's been a joy to play so far, and perfect for recording.