Custom 5w EL34

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Custom 5w has 2 12AX7 Preamp tubes and 1 Power tube. It comes with an EL34 installed, which can be user-replaced with a 6L6, without adjusting the bias of the amp. Just plug and play.


Also featured is our Mojo Tone solid state effects loop - the same loop as featured in 20HV - which is optimized to work with effects pedals.


You can choose speaker outputs at 4, 8, and 16 ohms.


Normal operation is at 5 watts, with a 2 watt mode. 


Transformers are big, heavy iron, including a choke. 



  • Preamp Gain

  • BRIGHT pushbutton

  • Bass Boost / Mid Boost Tone switch. 


  • MASTER volume

  • POWER: 5 or 2 watts via Pentode/triode mode

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    Amp review

    Posted by Duane on 30th Dec 2018

    Has not arrived

  • 5
    Great amp for the money

    Posted by Steve on 23rd Apr 2017

    This is the fourth Jet City Amp that I've owned, and I continue to be impressed with their build quality and value. As a basement player, the JCA 50H, while sounding great, was just too much volume. The JCA 20HV was even a bit too much, so it was with great excitement that I picked up the Custom 5 for $199. The stock tubes were fair at best, so I swapped them out with a used Ruby EL34 and two used Sovtek pre-amp tubes and noticed a BIG difference. The amp is definitely darker/muddier than the Soldano designed 50H. It took a little experimenting to get the right sound for my ears, but with the pre-amp at 4-5 and using my EH Green River pedal, I was able to brighten up the sound. My TC HOF Reverb and TC Flashback sound Great going through the effects loop. With the pre-amp and Master both at 5, I can get it loud enough to begin to hear full range of the amp while not damaging my ears...It's still plenty loud. I'm currently running it through a 2x12 Lopoline cabinet with an Eminence Governor and an Eminence Wizard. I'm very impressed with the sounds that I can get. I would highly recommend this amp, but I'd be prepared to swap out the stock tubes pretty quickly. At $199, it's a tremendous value, even when you figure in the additional $40-50 in costs for better tubes (if you decide to go that route). I've heard some mods on youtube that brighten the sound up a bit, and might explore that down the road, but I definitely plan on keeping this amp around for a good long while.