Full Metal Baffle 22H

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2.20 LBS
$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This is a replacement front panel for your JCA22H. The front panel is the same size for 22H, 20HV, 20H, and Custom 22, however the hole patterns are unique for each amp and this panel will fit ONLY 22H.

Installation is simple - the only tool needed is a philips screwdriver. 

B stock units were fabricated just a little too large for the cabinet and had to be 'shaved' a bit to fit. So the edges are not as 'finished' as we would like but once you install it you wouldn't know the difference. Also, the screw mounting holes were positioned for you to pilot NEW holes in the part of the cabinet which secures the current baffle. This was later changed and the A Stock units have mounting holes positioned in the same place as the stock baffle mounting, so new holes are not necessary. 

We've pictured both the black and white baffles with both black and white knobs to give you the visual you might need in choosing the best color for your rig.