These are replacement baffles for the JCA amp heads. Available in two sizes: Small for any of the 20 watt heads; 20H, 22H, 20HV, Custom 22 and large for 50H, 100H, and 100HDM. It's a simple replacement which can be done at home with a phillips screwdriver. 


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Weight: 2.00 LBS
Shipping Cost: $8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Scrtched and used

I got this panel which looked like it had been installed on another amplifier. There were scratches on both sides so I couldn't choose a side to mount. The screws for mounting the new Jet City logo werecountersinking screws and there are no countersinking holes on the logo also it came with no washers for the nuts on the back. Cheap stuff for the money if you ask my. I have called Amp Factory and a day later no call as of yet i will wait to see how they resolve this.

Easy Aesthetic Mod

Okay it does have all the down sides already mentioned but I like it anyway. I just really like being able to make subtle adjustments to how my amp looks. I bought my JCA 100 because I have a Hot Rod Plus and I wanted something similar for band practice. I am really impressed with how it looks with the replacement baffle. The bottom line is that it is a very easy aesthetically pleasing mod at a low price.

Its ok, could be better.

The baffle is what it is. It looks pretty cool but there were a couple things about it that didnt make sense. 1. It came wrapped in brown paper. It was warped and bent because of it. Still was useable but maybe start using a box. 2. The grate doesnt match up to the screw holes very well. I was only able to use 4 of the original screws. 3. The Tolex job on the amps are not the greatest. I had to take a black sharpie to the newly exposed corners otherwise the particle board would of stuck out like a sore thumb. For the pluses 1. It looks sweet 2. Allows for easy tube swapping 3. If your audience are snobs, they will never know from the floor that your playing a JCA. You can tell 'em that its a custom made whatever. 4. It looks sweet

Nice product! needs a little tweaking...

Ok from the beginning i had a hard time finding the Baffles on the Jet city web cite and had to have Doug Email me the Specific spot.. now that could be because i do all my online ordering from my phone and sometimes its limited access.also the Baffle came with no Screws to attach it now this may not be a big deal to some i feel that a stamped out piece of metal that cost $30.00 buck should at least have 5/6 15 cent screws included. Also the shipping took what seemed like an awful long time after the order was placed but before i received any tracking info. Im not sure if that's normal cause im new in ordering from JC. Over all the Baffle did fit like a glove and lets a lot of heat out of the head. Thanks so much I really like my JCA22 H and Im considering ordering a JCA 50H Soon!

Nice cosmetic option

Good looking baffle. It's cool to see the tubes glowing. Ad's a touch of "street cred". Didn't include Jet City emblem as shown in picture. Apparently that's an extra $15, which isn't stated in the description. That's O.K. I like it without. (for now). No screws included, be sure to save existing screws and grommets unless you choose different screws. Relatively easy installation. Took about 40 minutes only because the bottom main screws gave me a problem, otherwise pretty easy. Final product looks badass!