• The Modern Series are designed in England, and built by hand in the United States.
  • These cabinets are built one at a time, on a custom-order basis. Please allow 10 to 15 working days for lead time.
  • Made from 18mm Baltic Birch in 13ply.
  • Convertible rear panels for open, semi-open, or closed-back performance.
  • All handles are metal, side-mounted, and recessed.
  • Your choice of Tolex
  • Choose from black, white, or brown grill cloth or email us for other options.
  • Choose from many speaker options from Eminence and Celestion. The most popular speakers are listed here but many more are available - email us for options. 
  • The Jackplate upgrade gives you a few options: in one position of the switch, the two inputs are at different ohm loads. example, if you have two 8ohm speakers, one input will be parallel 4ohms, and the other input series 16ohm. The other position of the switch isolates the two inputs, one 8ohm speaker to each input. This would be for players with stereo effects and stereo amp set ups, or those who use two heads and a switcher into one cab with two speakers. 
28.6" wide
19.2" Tall
13.2" Deep
Please email doug@jetcityamplification.com with any question or comment.
Current Stock:
70.00 LBS
28.60 (in)
19.20 (in)
13.20 (in)
Shipping Cost:
$49.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Whitebox modern 2x12

Wow! I CANNOT say enough good things about this cabinet. I am completely blown away at both the sound and solid construction. The customer service is great as well.

Very impressed

I've been playing with this cabinet about a week now, and I am impressed by the quality of the sound and build. I would say this cabinet is even better than an Orange cabinet. It has a very tight bottom end, yet it also has a very sparkly and dynamic top end. Doug was very easy to work with. Compared to other 212 cabinets, I like the fact that the baffling/grill can be easily replaced or swapped out. For the price, even compared to highend 212 cabinets, you are not going to find a better cabinet