Modern 412

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90.00 LBS
$79.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • The Modern Series are designed in England, and built by hand in the United States.
  • These cabinets are built one at a time, on a custom-order basis. Please allow 10 to 15 working days for lead time.
  • Made from 18mm Baltic Birch in 13ply.
  • Convertable rear panels for open, semi-open, or closed-back performance.
  • All handles are metal, side-mounted, and recessed.
  • Your choice of Tolex
  • Choose from Grill Cloth, or upgrade to Metal
  • Choose from many speaker options from Eminence, Celestion, and WGS
  • The Jackplate upgrade gives you a few options: in one position of the switch, the two inputs are at different ohm loads. example, if you have 4 16ohm speakers, one input will be parallel 4ohms, and the other input series 16ohm. The other position of the switch isolates the two inputs, two 16ohm speaker to each input, each pair at 8ohms total. This would be for players with stereo effects and stereo amp set ups, or those who use two heads and a switcher into one cab with two speakers. 
    28.6" wide
    28.6" Tall
    13.2" Deep
Please email doug@jetcityamplification.com with any question or comment.

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    Incredible Cabs

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Aug 2014

    I purchased the Whitebox 4x12 cabs loaded with Celestion G12 -K100 speakers recently and wanted to wait a few days before giving my take on them.

    First, the cabs arrived in flawless condition. I really couldn't think of a complaint despite my trying. On opening I was very impressed with the build quality. It is very solid top to bottom. Tolex looks nice and I was also happy with the front grill.

    Now before I go into the sound, I want to say I am using a Blackstar HT-100. I bring this up because I'm sure amp choices can cause particular biases in tonal opinion. Before the Whitebox, I was on Mesa 4x12s loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s and for me... the Mesa just didn't match right with the Blackstar. Initially, I blamed the amp and even almost sold it. However when I plugged into the Whitebox, the sound changed dramatically.

    First, these cabs + the G12-K100s give a more flat frequency response. For me, this meant a more wide open sound, something I needed with the already mid heavy Blackstar. With Mesa cabs, I just wasn't getting much low end and the mid range push from the V30s caused some harsh frequencies to stick out at louder volumes. With the Whitebox, I got the low end I needed and the harsh sections of the frequency response had smoothed out.

    I'm trying to avoid abstract terms like "my amp came alive" or "it's the coolest ever!" but I will just say, for me, these are my favorite cabs I have ever used.

    I am a Whitebox convert and just don't see myself switching to anything else.